UniBook is a college text book selling platform, designed to connect buyers with sellers to save all parties the hassle of shipping and large price differentials

How do I post a book for sale?

First ensure that you have filled out the textbook listing form through the “List My Book For Sale” Tab. Then send pictures of the front and back covers, as well as the side view of the pages to managegrocerylist@gmail.com and a UniBook representative will post the book for sale on the site.

Who holds the book after


After you list your book, you hold on to it until someone contacts you via text/call from the phone number you listed. From there you can sell your textbook.

How do I buy a book?

A book is bought when the buyer accepts the price from the seller. The buyer and seller should set up an exchange time to trade the book for payment of choice.

How does a listing get


Once the book is sold or you no longer want to have your book listed, please click on the link in the bottom left corner of the homepage to complete a form. Once completed a UniBook representative will take down your listing.

Who sells the books?

Everybody does the founders and regular college students like yourself.

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